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Especially pictures of my favorite people! So here is a pic spam of...
[6] Judy Garland
[6] Vivien Leigh
[6] Law & Order: SVU
[6] Grey's Anatomy

Photos behind the cut...
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Viv Character of the Month

So I'm working on getting this community back to what it used to be! Usually, we will vote on the Vivien Character of the Month but I figured since we were half-way through March I would just choose it myself-this month's is Scarlett O'Hara from GWTW (because who doesn't love that movie!?) BUT I want everyone to vote or next month's character!

Poll #1152607 Vivien Character of the Month-April

Who do you want the next Vivien Character of the Month to be?

Blanch DuBois
Myra Lester

Hi! :)

 Hello all! My name is Katy-Jo and I am the original maintainer for this community! I used to be ticklemepink333 back in the day (like, three years ago....) but I left LJ for awhile. Now I'm back and themurcurytreehas been so kind as to add me back as a maintainer! So I'm going to keep the community updated (especially since the Vivien Character of the Month has been on October for the past like, 2 years! Haha!) When I get time I'm going to change that and the journal layout. I may get to it tonight but I might also be WAY exhausted because I work two jobs and I'm working 1:30 to 9:30 with no breaks or lunches. Blah :/ But I just wanted to update everyone and let you all know that this community is going to be A LOT more active (I hope!) very very soon!

Hello :)

Name: Kayla Elizabeth

Age: 18

Age You First Fell in Love With Vivien Leigh: 3 (Watched GWTW with my Grandmother for the first time and thought Vivien was the best, which she is!)

Why You Like Her: I think what really attracts me to Vivien and her life is that she went through quite a bit, but still managed to live her life. That is really an inspiration to me since I have gone through a lot of the same mental things she did, so looking at her life I know there is hope. And, too, I am sure everyone would agree with me that her as an actress = AMAZING.

Favorite Character She's Played: Scarlett O'Hara (who doesn't love that) & Myra from Waterloo Bridge

Any Vivien Memorabilia: 4 movie posters, tons of magnets, Dark Journey DVD, Fire Over England DVD, Gone With The Wind Special 4-Disc DVD, Waterloo Bridge, Caesar and Cleopatra DVD, Anna Karenina, Streets of London DVD, Storm in a Teacup DVD, The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone DVD, A Streetcar Named Desire DVD, many postcards,, many glossy photos, 3 GWTW music boxes, Vivien Leigh Biography 1, Vivien Leigh Biography 2, Love Scene Book, GWTW Trivia Book, and a ton of other things that I cannot remember right now!
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