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After All, Tomorrow is Another Day...


Devoted to the Wonderful Talent of Vivien Leigh
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Please do not degrade Vivien Leigh in any way.

Promoting other communities is allowed. Being a community maintainer for this
and other communities as well, I know that to keep up the community it is necessary to promote it. However, I do ask that the community be related to Vivien Leigh, and please only promote it once.

Be courteous to other users, myself, and any other future co-maintainers.

Please promote the community when you can, however, DO NOT promote
it in another community if it is not okay there. To get some promotion banners, go Here

If you want to put the following button for always_vivien in your user info or wherever, just copy and paste the code below.

Posting Icons, friends only banners, colorbars, etc. is fine. Just put large amounts under an LJ cut.

When joining, fill out the info below and attatch it to your post. To see the mod's info, go Here

AIM Screen Name::
Age You First Fell in Love With Vivien Leigh::
Why You Like Her::
Favorite Character She's Played::
Any Vivien Mermorabilia::
Other Information::

Maintainer: scarlett_again
Co-Maintainer: themurcurytree
Co-Maintainer: fiery_scarlett

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If you want to be an affiliate, post on the community stating your name and community's name.
Background made by our own summer_rose!

    ViV'S FiLMS::

    1935 Things Are Looking Up

    1935 The Village Squire

    1935 Gentleman's Agreement

    1935 Look Up & Laugh

    1937 Fire Over England

    1937 Dark Journey

    1937 Storm in a Teacup

    1938 A Yank At Oxford

    1938 St. Martin's Lane/ Sidewalks of London

    1939 Gone with the Wind

    1940 Twenty-One Days/ 21 Days Together

    1940 Waterloo Bridge

    1941 Lady Hamilton/ That Hamilton Woman

    1946 Caesar & Cleopatra

    1948 Anna Karenina

    1952 A Streetcar Named Desire

    1955 The Deep Blue Sea

    1962 The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone

    1965 Ship of Fools

”I’m simply mad about cats.”-Vivien Leigh

Vivien Character of the Month~March 2008
Scarlett O'Hara

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